First of all, I am not old and I am not a hag, so obviously I am not the old hag who is seeking for love here.

But I honestly think that old hags, especially who are still virgins, need a lot more of love compare with younger women who seem like they do, when they actually don’t. Okay in this context, the old hags I am referring to those who are STILL single and VERY available at the ages of around 28-40 (Just an estimation, it might not be accurate, as this depends on individuals and circumstances as well). Those who are not yet attached/married, those who planned not to get attached/married and those who can’t find someone to get attached to/married, can be included in this category. Those who yearn for a simple relationship yet getting boyfriend seems like the toughest job ever, can categorise themselves in this category.

I might not want to be that determine in categorising them as there is always exception for everything because I am sure you understand who I am referring to just like you understand I am using English when writing this post.

My point is -0ld hags need a lot of love, attention and SEX, for them to function properly in every day lives.

Okay I am bringing up this because I feel obliged to HELP them to spread the word as it is always tough to tell the world PEOPLE, I NEED LOVE AND SEX yourself. Moreover, this group of people are more shy and conservative than we realised. Compare to the younger women at their twenties who are always the preys of good-looking and charming men, these old hags do not have any powerful weapon to win this battle. Not only they are not weaponed, they are also lack of strategies and the whole systematic plan on HOW TO GET A MAN IN TEN SIMPLE STEPS (might want to write about this in the next entry).

Young and pretty women might not even need all these, cause what they need to do, is to dress a little bit more sexy, show some cleavages and sexy legs, and make use of their captivating eyes to lure the men to their sides. Or some hot good spanking body language will do the work.

But how about those old hags?

They don’t have the devil figures with angel faces. The words Sexy and Sex do not exist in their dictionaries. They don’t look pretty as they do not shop for pretty clothes as pretty clothes don’t look pretty on them, though they always have extra buoys around the waist to give them morale support in case they are dumped by any man who wants to fool around with them. They are excellent at cooking and housekeeping but all these are not what men looking for in a relationship. Cooking and housekeeping can do it after married. The mummies costume that wrapped the whole body can be kept first in the wardrobe and wear it when the man’s eyesight is getting poorer as he gets old.

Old hags just don’t understand what the men need. Old hags just don’t realise the men need excitements and fun. Old hags who are still virgins just don’t get it –


But I seriously think that all men should be more fair to all women.They must try to understand why are old hags old hags, their behaviors, they conservative minds, and what are they seeking for in life. Don’t only go for pretty and sexy skinny bitches. Stop the hunt for pretty faces and spanking hot figures. Most of the pretty girls with long skinny legs and fingers DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK! Why don’t turn back and look at those old hags, erm, I mean those not-so-good looking girls but yet with an angel heart, and willing to cook for the rest of your life.